Adventures of an artist!

How Intuition Led To Freedom Of Heart

How intuition led to freedom of heart…   A piece truly created from feelings, intuition and not holding back.  Nothing was planned, everything was created in the moment I posted a glimpse during the process of this piece, afterwards a very sweet friend of mine sent a message…   She wanted this piece for her […]

Duke’s Trail Tour Sponsorship Opportunity

Duke’s Trail Tour Sponsor Honey in the upcoming Duke’s Trail Tour 2014 and enter a draw to win one of my paintings! On Sunday, June 22 Duke’s Trail Tour will be taking place at The Rotary Greenway trail in support of the Peterborough Humane Society Originally Honey and I had planned on participating in this […]

Spring Days in the Studio

Spring has always been very bittersweet for myself. The change of seasons can be quite refreshing yet difficult to accustom one’s self to, the shift in the atmosphere can be overwhelming until everything is brought back into balance. “Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.” -Thomas Hardy   Freedom […]