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Art Classes, Workshops and Private Lessons

In addition to her own work, Brianna passes on her love of art as an instructor. Acting less as a teacher, and more as a guide, with a style that is engaging and interactive, she inspires students to find and express their own artistic voice.

She believes art should not be based purely on the final product, but the process as well.

“We can learn a great deal about ourselves in terms of technique by exploring and working outside of the box. Through our so called mistakes and how we choose to approach the project on hand, is a great learning experience in itself.
If a child wishes to paint a rainbow cat playing on top of the clouds, then why not? I encourage creativity and imagination, while still guiding them along the way; in this example, I would teach them color theory and how to have the clouds appear as fluffy cotton balls in the sky.”

Art lessons at the Studio are now being offered and some amazing adventures are planned, not only for youth but for those of us adults who are also young at heart.
In addition to classes at the studio, Brianna also teaches youth and adult courses at The Art School of Peterborough. This past fall she introduced a new course of intuitive painting for adults.
Below you will discover more information on the courses offered at the school and how you can register through their site for the upcoming winter term!