Autumn Colouring Page

I am happy to bring you a new colouring page this season!

Download this free colouring page, enjoy a warm beverage and take some time for yourself.

After all, colouring pages aren’t just for kids, they are for all of us who are young at heart.


Fall Courses and Workshops

An exciting season of creative adventures await you in the studio this Fall!

I am pleased to bring you a variety of adult  and family workshops, art retreats and a six week Intuitive Painting course.

The September-October session of the 6 week Intuitive Painting course, filled up quickly. Registration is now open for the November-December session, so don’t delay.

A special evening filming in the studio

On Tuesday, August 22, the talented Steph Hayes came to the studio for a special evening of filming.
While I led an Intuitive Painting workshop, Steph worked her magic as she captured us creating and the evolution of our pieces. It was remarkable to have these wonderful people gather and have an artist who’s work I greatly respect work on this project.

Summer Garden Print

Summer Garden was created with a love for animals and a wish to use my creative energy for something positive.

30% of every giclee print sold of Summer Garden will go directly to LAWS (Lakefield Animal Welfare Society).
Thank you for your interest and support in not only my own dreams, but in assisting with the care of animals and other creatures.

A new journey. A new adventure. A new life.

Photo Credit: Matt + Steph Photography

I am a firm believer that it is never too late to do what you wish to do.

This past year has been the biggest wake up call I have had. In life I have worked my way towards my dreams and have overcome many obstacles (just like everyone else). But I didn’t do this entirely on my own. I owe a great deal to my family, they have helped me every step of the way. I wouldn’t be who I am or be where I am without them.
Not to forget all your amazing support! Thank you every single one of you for coming to workshops, courses, art shows, giving my art the most amazing homes to be in and everything else you do. You are the ones who help support my dreams and make them a reality.

The next step of my journey is beginning and boy, can that leap every be scary. But, it truly feels amazing. It reminds me what it is to be alive and to continue pushing forwards.
I am no longer teaching intuitive painting with The Art School of Peterborough.
I am thankful for everything I have learned while being there. After 9 years of growing; first starting out as a volunteer to then creating my own courses, to being a board member, being chair of the marketing committee, to being the receptionist for a short duration, its been an amazing adventure.
But I know the time to move on to the next chapter of my life is here. Over the past few years I have been growing my career in the studio as an artist, then offering my own courses in the style I teach.

Photo Credit: Matt + Steph Photography

Moving forwards, I will be continuing to offer Intuitive Painting courses out of my studio, along with other creative workshops.
Plans to grow the studio are already underway as well as the search for the perfect commercial space. Additional workshops featuring a wide variety of local creatives are in the works!

I am extremely excited for this next chapter of my life and hope to see you in the studio! 
If you are interested in joining forces for a special project you have in mind or collaborating for a show, please don’t hesitate on sending me a message.

Creative Wednesdays at the Studio!