Photo Credit: Matt + Steph Photography


Brianna Gosselin is an artist possessing the unique ability to paint the world as few of us see it. Densely layered, her work captures the spirit and light of nature, radiating back to viewers with an energy felt more than seen. A graduate of PCVS — celebrated for it’s art programs — Brianna continues to expand beyond her preferred medium of acrylics, drawing a harmonious balance between texture, form and colour.

In addition to her own work, Brianna has shared her love for art as an instructor. She worked 10 years  with The Art School of Peterborough and 2 years as the director of her own studio. Where she offered workshops, courses and retreats in a variety of mediums for all ages.
Acting less as a teacher, and more as a guide, with a style that is engaging and interactive. She inspired students to find and express their own artistic voice.

In December of 2018, Brianna closed her public studio and began to work from the sanctuary of her own home. There she is currently developing a strong body of work, as she continues to evolve her abstract style of art.

In addition, Brianna has served on the Art School of Peterborough’s board of directors and was chair of the marketing committee.
She continues to be involved in the community and has worked with the Peterborough Humane Society for their Duke’s Trail Tour, assisted with Camp Kerry’s art bereavement program and partnered up with the YWCA to bring the YWCA Bean Up to life.

Artist Statement

“I believe there is more than one side to every story. Nature is an example of this. 
By using subjects of nature as my subject, I am able to reveal a side that is not always visible to the naked eye; sometimes it requires assistance or in this case, a translator. 
I draw out the elements of nature, exposing raw texture while adding a dreamlike atmosphere. To achieve this, mixed mediums are used working on numerous layers. Every layer is a secret unfolding, never knowing which direction this journey will take me. 
To unravel these layers is to unravel the true story, what is seen through time and show a different story.”