Mixed Media Artist

Brianna Gosselin is an artist possessing the unique ability to paint the world as few of us see it. Densely layered, her work captures the spirit and light of nature, radiating back to viewers with an energy felt more than seen. A graduate of PCVS — celebrated for it’s art programs — Brianna continues to expand beyond her preferred medium of acrylics, drawing a harmonious balance between texture, form and colour.

In addition to her own work, Brianna has shared her love for art as an instructor. She worked 10 years  with The Art School of Peterborough and 2 years as the director of her own studio. Where she offered workshops, courses and retreats in a variety of mediums for all ages.
Acting less as a teacher, and more as a guide, with a style that is engaging and interactive. She inspired students to find and express their own artistic voice.
In December of 2018, Brianna closed her public studio and began to work from the sanctuary of her own home. There, she is currently developing a strong body of work, as she continues to evolve her abstract style of art.

Creative Adventures

Well, it is official!
I am now part of the Patreon team <3

What does that mean?
Oh, am I ever glad you asked 😉
It means you can now subscribe monthly to different services, offered by yours truly.
Not only will you be receiving a variety of creative goods online, you also have the option to subscribe for monthly art boxes, or seasonal (depending on your preference), have exclusive looks behind the scenes and be supporting myself and my family. To allow myself to continue following my dreams!
Colouring Contest!

It's wonderful to have Summer upon us, especially with everything thats been happening.

Colouring contest details!
Beautify this colouring page in any medium you prefer, then either take a photo, or scan the completed piece and send your creation to me by email OR by tagging me on social media.
All completed pieces will be posted here on my website and social media outlets to share with the world.
Vegetable Garden Printmaking

At the moment, these have been my favourite printmaking cards created thus far.
I’ve been preparing a large inventory, to send out into the world this month for you all. We could all use a little bit of happiness from the garden!

From the blog

Holiday Commissions

The holidays may be quite some time away, however now is the perfect time to get in touch with makers to begin discussing commissions!

I am currently accepting holiday commissions and am excited to work with you, to create a unique gift for you to give this season.
Do you like donuts?
If so, do I have a fantastic recipe to share with you!

As an artist, sometimes the creativity is blocked and I feel stuck.
Much like everyone does with what they do.
Luckily, I find working in the kitchen to be extremely healing and grounding for my spirit. Also lucky for those around me 😉 As I am most often unable to eat what I make, (due to allergies) my family enjoys my edible creations.
This past weekend I made Old Fashioned, Cinnamon Sugar, Baked Donuts. Created by Chrissie from The Busy Baker.
They were enjoyable to make and with them quickly disappearing into everyones mouths, I take it as a sign for passing the taste test too 😉
Easter Colouring Page

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend thus far!
Sunday is when my side of the family will be having our big dinner and gathering. Which is always an exciting day, especially since the Easter Bunny often brings even us adults a special treat. And of course Honey gets spoiled!

If you are looking for something to keep young ones busy, or just to find some quiet time from the sugar rushes. I have a free colouring page for you to download and colour to your hearts desire!
Simply safe the image, then print it from your computer and you're ready to roll.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!