Intuitive Soul Portraits

Intuitive Soul Portraits are a reflection of an individual or a couple.
They are a colourful, abstract impression created through the eyes of the artist, inspired by the image and description of words presented about the person(s).

Every person carries a unique aura and a visual atmosphere that at times cannot be seen.
It is my pleasure to take the image you provide along with a few descriptive words to capture their essence on canvas through mixed media.

An Intuitive Soul Portrait is a one of a kind gift that can never be reproduced.

Please take a look below for information on sizing and pricing.
If you are interested in having an Intuitive Soul Portrait created, please send a message to to set up a consultation.

12″ x 12″   =   $200
12″ x 24″   =   $360
16″ x 20″   =   $400
18″ x 24″   =   $420
24″ x 24″   =   $480
30″ x 30″   =   $600
Large sizes are available upon request.

“I had full confidence in Brianna’s ability to create a beautiful piece but my expectations were far exceeded.
There is something so exhilarating about gifting someone with a piece of original art, but to give someone a piece that was created specifically for them and fully inspired by them is truly enchanting.”

” I commissioned a piece from Brianna Gosselin for my complicated and beautiful daughters 20th birthday.
I supplied her with photos that I hope would help capture my daughter’s essence. Not only did Brianna get it, she got Kate’s essence.
The painting not only exceeded my expectations, but truly captured by daughter’s essence. This is the first piece of original artwork that she will keep for the rest of her life. And when I gave it to her, she couldn’t believe that someone could understand her and put that towards her in a painting. She will have that painting and memory forever.
Brianna has the ability to see, understand and create a person’s intuitive personality. It is truly something that we will hold forever in our hearts.
Myy daughter now owns her first piece of original work that truly captures her essence.

Thank you Brianna you truly are a gift and an amazing artist. Not to mention a beautiful person. Thank you!”

You are so incredibly talented, it takes my breath away! It’s perfection!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!”

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