Ptbo Artists for Haitian Artists – Intuitive Painting Workshop

ptboartistsforhaitiworkshopsposterPtbo Artists for Haitian Artists

A Creative Workshop Series in Support of Artisans in Haiti.

All proceeds from these workshops will directly benefit the Haitian people by funding the the artists’ program supported by Under One Sun.
This funding will provide the necessary tools and education to train new artists in Haiti, making employment, and a brighter future, a reality.

I am thrilled to be part of this workshop series and hope you will join me in the studio at Under One Sun on Sunday, December 4.

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November Workshops

We may only be halfway through November but we sure have been busy in the studio!
Holiday shows are fast approaching and workshops have been going great. Along with Intuitive Painting workshops, we have introduced youth workshops for the adults who are young at heart.
I love watching adults as they begin working again with mediums they may of forgotten about.
But just don’t my word for it, check out the beautiful creations coming from these workshops.

Thank to all who have attended and plan on attending, because of you I am able to live my dream and share them with you.
Thank you <3