All too often we always post the successful moments on social media.
Which often leads to unrealistic expectations and always trying to be the ideal “perfect” person.

Im here to share a not so successful moment, a moment of growth and learning. I see people so afraid to make mistakes and to fail, that it often leads to holding themselves back and self destructive paths. Which I have no problem admitting doing such myself.

While working on the dresser I am collaborating with Chalk Therapy on, I came to the point of near completion and thought to myself something wasn’t working.
A piece that was meant to be vibrant and full of colour, ended up being muted and very minimalist looking. Which if you follow my art, is something it clearly is not.
I struggled with accepting it, talked to my studio partner, had the typical creative meltdown and…well yes, tantrum. I am an emotional person.
Then during our conversation, I glanced over his shoulder and saw one of my paintings hanging on the wall.
Thats when it clicked.

I filled up my paint tray with all the luscious colours I adore and began to splash and dance my brush across the wooden dresser.
My heart warmed and I began to have confidence again.

There are still many layers left to uncover and I cannot wait to reveal the final product and the imagery that is to come.

The point of this post is to encourage yourself to make mistakes, the most remarkable lessons come from such.
And it’s ok to not be “perfect” or to always post those ideal instagram photo worthy images.
Im slowly learning to be kinder to myself and to have trust.