Happiness is…

…a clean bill of health.

For those who have been following along my journey.
I recently had a follow up appointment with my specialist and everything went beautifully!
Surgery was a success, the lump is completely gone and is not a concern at all. My stitches are healed and my body is slowly recovering.
Since May, 2017 I have been dealing with this unknown lump in my right breast and have learned so much along the way. How fear can completely consume you. I was ready to take on whatever was thrown at me, it was always the unknown that tore me apart and weakened my well being.
So I am extremely relieved to know all is well and I can begin to thrive again.

All the positive comments, thoughts, well wishes and just you folks being awesome was completely inspiring and so much appreciated.
Love how much we can all lift each other up and spread light.
Thank you for such!

Photo Credit: Steph Hayes