Prepare for paint to fly.

I was surrounded by dozens of people. A blank canvas was staring back at me, as I realized I had only twenty minutes to create something in front of an audience.
The rush was intoxicating!
Art Battle was a once in a lifetime experience, a milestone I won’t soon forget.
(In case you missed my first post explaining what Art Battle is all about, you can find it here.)
I overcame my fear of creating in front of people and unleashed a part of myself that was always kept under lock and key.
The process of creating has always been a sacred one for myself. With not the intention of keeping my techniques a secret, more so the actual process with the source of my creativity.
As time passes I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin and sharing with the world who I truly am, how I do see this world a little differently then most.
When I create I let down my guards, I take down my protective bubble. By doing this, surroundings usually come rushing in at me, feelings, energies, thoughts, etc. These overwhelming effects result in me retreating from creating.
Art Battle was different, there was something about that venue, the energy from the crowd, the fact we all came together in a specific location to witness the process of an artist. There were no negative thoughts or ill wishes, the artists all wish to witness each other create and knew it was for the greater good of art. Many artists I spoke to who didn’t participate had declined in fear of the competitive attitudes that may make an appearance.
It was the furthest thing from it.
Words cannot describe just how powerful a group of people coming together to celebrate the arts and have a genuine curiosity in the creative process. It was a natural high I hope to one day be fortunate enough to experience again.

I left this event with a new perspective on where I wish to go in life. No longer were the thoughts of “maybe I could do this” or “maybe I can go there”, they turned into “I will do this” and “I am going there”.
I have confidence.
I created in front of people in my bare feet, on the ground, fingers smeared in paint.
I was my myself, with one foot in this world and one in the next.