Father Day Commissions

Now accepting Animal Soul Portrait commissions for Fathers Day 

I currently have 5 spots open to accept commissions for Father’s Day. Even though we still have a few weeks before this holiday, now is the perfect time to send me a note and begin discussing that special gift!

Animal Soul Portraits are a reflection of a beloved animal.
They are a colourful, abstract impression created through the eyes of the artist, inspired by the image and description of words presented about the animal(s).

Every animal carries a unique aura and a visual atmosphere that at times cannot be seen.
It is my pleasure to take the image you provide along with a few descriptive words to capture their essence on canvas through mixed media.

An Animal Soul Portrait is a one of a kind gift that can never be reproduced and makes a beautiful gift.

Sizing and Pricing

12″ x 12″ = $200
12″ x 24″ = $360
16″ x 20″ = $400
18″ x 24″ = $420
24″ x 24″ = $480
30″ x 30″ = $600
Large sizes are available upon request.

Please send an email to art@briannagosselin.com with any questions you may have.