Here’s a little festive flashback to take a look at!
On October 24, 2017 I had the honour of having Lindsday Biscaia from Global news, join me in the studio for some pumpkin carving.
We discussed the variety of ways one can carve pumpkins now, with an endless amount of mixed media choices. With the option of using an actual vegetable pumpkin, foam, ceramic or any other endless possibilities. We also mentioned the workshops I was hosting that year, where people were able to register and come create their own mixed media pumpkin. This was when I still had a large studio open to the public.

Local artists teaches the art of pumpkin carving

Mixed Media Artist, Brianna Gosselin, has been carving foam pumpkins for the Fresh Radio Pumpkin Sale for 5 years now. This is the first year that she will be holding a workshop at her Park Street studio to teach others how to properly carve a pumpkin – real or fake. Lindsday Biscaia caught up with Gosselin this morning to talk more about her workshop, and the art of properly carving a design into the side of a pumpkin.

Watch the video here on Global