This past year has been a never ending roller coaster.

There have been many life changes, some planned…well others were not.

Its odd to think how it hasn’t quite been a year yet since my life took a step in the opposite direction then where it was going.
I’m hungry and yearning for change yet again, but these changes will take time, growth and patience.
In the mean time I am taking  positive steps in the desired direction I wish to go.
One of these steps include signing up for a Visual Quest.

Each year I make it my goal to expand my mind and sign up for a course in the arts world.
This year I will be embarking on a Visual Quest with Pixie Campbell.
(The name alone is enough to intrigue me ;) )
This looks to be an amazing course, exploring various art techniques and Shamanism. Something, in which I have been fascinated by for quite some time.

I have always seen the world differently, but I have never been able to accept what it is I’m seeing. At a young age I always worried things were wrong, asking myself if I was the only one able to see the world I do.
I have spent my entire life with a foot in each world, struggling to remain “normal” and hide who I am.
Even with my current mate I fear showing who I am.

I know this course will not solve all my fears or do the work for me. However, I do know this will help me take another step in my journey. To begin expressing and sharing who I really am.
To finally be honest and not hide.

More information on this Visual Quest by Pixie Campbell, can be found here.