Animal Soul Portraits

Animal Soul Portraits are a reflection of a beloved animal.
They are a colourful, abstract impression created through the eyes of the artist, inspired by the image and description of words presented about the animal(s).

Every animal carries a unique aura and a visual atmosphere that at times cannot be seen.
It is my pleasure to take the image you provide along with a few descriptive words to capture their essence on canvas through mixed media.

An Animal Soul Portrait is a one of a kind gift that can never be reproduced and makes a beautiful gift.

Please take a look below for information on sizing and pricing.
If you are interested in having an Intuitive Soul Portrait created, please complete this purchase, which will secure your place of commission with a $100 down payment.
I will be in touch with you immediately to begin discussing all the details to bring your painting to life.

12? x 12?   =   $200
12? x 24?   =   $360
16? x 20?   =   $400
18? x 24?   =   $420
24? x 24?   =   $480
30? x 30?   =   $600
Large sizes are available upon request.

Please send an email to with any questions you may have.


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