Personalized Book Plate Stamp
3.5″ x 2″

What is a bookplate stamp?
A book plate stamp is a unique way to personalize your book and let the world know who it belongs to. Which especially comes in hand when it comes to lending out books, they always find their way home with you in the end.

Personalizing a bookplate stamp
There are two major design choices when it comes to personalizing your bookplate stamp.
The first being the symbol in the middle. This can be something entirely personal and symbolic, or perhaps something entirely random, it is up to you.
Some people prefer to have an image of their beloved hobby as a symbol, such as a ball of yarn and knitting needles, or a paintbrush or their favourite flower.
The second option of personalization is the name. What is the name of your library, is it your full name? A nickname? Or perhaps something magical from a story itself. The options are endless and once again, entirely up to you!

Creation of the bookplate stamp.
Upon ordering a bookplate stamp, I will send you an email and we will begin discussing the overall concept and design of your product. Once I have the details and information needed, I will send you a rough sketch of your design and once approved, I will begin to carve your stamp.
Your stamp will be mounted onto wood with a little handle, making inking a breeze. Before picking up your finished product, I will send you a photo of your stamp, along with a printed proof of your stamp printed onto paper.
Each stamp comes in its own paper box and is ready for use. Please note an ink pad is NOT included, but is available at an additional cost.

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