This year for my 28th birthday I wanted to do something I love, while being surrounded by those I am thankful to have in my life.
So, on Monday, November 30, my partner and I hosted CommuniKitch (a dinner party) at the Red Garnet and invited everyone to come out and enjoy a warm meal created by the two of us. All proceeds from the evening in benefit of the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society.

I will admit, it was a dream come true.

I was able to spend the day in the kitchen making soup with dumplings, followed by homemade oatmeal cookies and apple crisp. My partner worked away on his Beef Carbonnade throughout the day, while the heavenly aromas filled our home.
My parents also played an important role in this event as they assisted in the kitchen and donated a large amount of the ingredients.

puppy-in-christmas-gift-boxI am so honoured and grateful for everyone who showed up to support our dinner and help us raise funds for such a worthy cause. My heart feels very full.
Because of everyone’s support, we were able to raise over 300 dollars! Thats right, THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!
Which will be going to buy supplies and food for the animals at LAWS.
A very special thank you goes out to Kerri and Chad, co owners of the Garnet for giving us such a great venue to be in and for your generosity!
We will be sharing some pics of our adventure out to LAWS, taking place December 12 or 13, so stay tuned 😉