Birthday: January 4
Collage, acrylic and ink on wood
5″ x 7″

Born in the bitter cold of January, during a snow storm, Agnes is one tough cookie. And we mean that very affectionately!

Agnes loves to work, cleaning up on her farm, tending to the animals, preparing elaborate meals.

But what she loves to do most of all is sneak down to her local pub, grab a good book and sit by the fireplace with a strong ale in hand. She loves the silence that comes from doing such. To not have to worry about anyone else, except for living in that exact moment of peace.

With the nicer Spring weather coming, Agnes is looking for a cozy little home to run off too for a bit. After all, gardens will need to be prepared, the farmhouse needs a new roof and new baby animals will be on the scene soon. But first…a nice place to relax for awhile!

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