Birthday: July 9
Collage, acrylic and ink on wood
5″ x 7″

Arwyn – meaning handsome, is a well suited name for this dashing chap.

Born into one of the poorest of families in his village, Arwyn has always worked hard for everything in life.

Lately he has been studying very hard as he is close to graduating and has been promised a job. Where, you may ask?

Well at the most prestigious university in the country!

Arywn is very excited for this new adventure. As with his new earnings, he plans on sending them back to his family, as a thank you for everything they have done to help him.

They plan on building a new home in the meadow, one where they can live off the land and enjoy their new life.

Do you have a place for Arwyn to stay, while he starts his new job?

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