Birthday: September 25
Collage, acrylic and ink on wood
5″ x 7″

Denzel is what we would call a kind hearted and loveable fool.

He always means the best and has the right intentions. Always there to try and cheer you up when feeling down. However, when you put him in a serious situation, this is where his clumsy side comes out.

Just last week he was helping out to be a waiter, for Sir Charles’ fancy garden party, when he accidentally bumped into someone. What’s the big deal you ask? Well…that person was the host, who was in the middle of a speech. And when Denzel bumped into Sir Charles, he was carrying a large tray of filled wine glasses that came crashing down. You can just imagine the scene that must’ve been!

Needless to say, Denzel is looking for a quiet place to lay low for awhile, just until everything blows over.

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