Birthday: October 31
Collage, acrylic and ink on wood
5″ x 7″

Toni is one of those friends who is down for anything. You call her up after someone broke your heart, she is there with a bag of popcorn, chocolate, bottle of wine and her netflix password to help you get through it. Or…if you’re looking to really get over your ex, she is there with a sexy new outfit for you to wear and a cab waiting out front to go dancing. Or…if things went really bad, she has some toilet paper to go and teepee their house.

Toni is one energetic bunny and believes in loyalty above all else. She loves to dance under the full moon, eat tacos at midnight and has an obsession with sleuthing.

She hopes to be an official detective one day. But in the mean time, she is still looking for the next neighbourhood mystery to solve.

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