Mrs Boggle
Birthday: May 5
Collage, acrylic and ink on wood
5″ x 7″

You know that grumpy, elderly lady who is always tip taping her foot behind you in the grocery check out line? Impatient for you decided to use two coupons and for some reason, they just can’t wait for such.

Yeah, thats Mrs Boggle!

What is she in such a hurry for?

Well, despite Mrs Boggle’s maternal look, she is actually quite the rascal! She is a vigilante and much like Robin Hood, she is always stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Seriously, would you think an elderly senior, dressed in a floral floor length dress, will go scaling the sides of mansions in the middle of the night?

Well, she does.

The unfortunate part is that nosey neighbour of hers, caught Mrs Boggle returning late one night and reported her to the police. Now Mrs Boggle is looking for somewhere to hide, will you help her?

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