Prepare for paint to fly.

I was surrounded by dozens of people. A blank canvas was staring back at me, as I realized I had only twenty minutes to create something in front of an audience.
The rush was intoxicating!
Art Battle was a once in a lifetime experience, a milestone I won’t soon forget.
(In case you missed my first post explaining what Art Battle is all about, you can find it here.)
I overcame my fear of creating in front of people and unleashed a part of myself that was always kept under lock and key.
The process of creating has always been a sacred one for myself. With not the intention of keeping my techniques a secret, more so the actual process with the source of my creativity.
As time passes I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin and sharing with the world who I truly am, how I do see this world a little differently then most.
When I create I let down my guards, I take down my protective bubble. By doing this, surroundings usually come rushing in at me, feelings, energies, thoughts, etc. These overwhelming effects result in me retreating from creating.
Art Battle was different, there was something about that venue, the energy from the crowd, the fact we all came together in a specific location to witness the process of an artist. There were no negative thoughts or ill wishes, the artists all wish to witness each other create and knew it was for the greater good of art. Many artists I spoke to who didn’t participate had declined in fear of the competitive attitudes that may make an appearance.
It was the furthest thing from it.
Words cannot describe just how powerful a group of people coming together to celebrate the arts and have a genuine curiosity in the creative process. It was a natural high I hope to one day be fortunate enough to experience again.

I left this event with a new perspective on where I wish to go in life. No longer were the thoughts of “maybe I could do this” or “maybe I can go there”, they turned into “I will do this” and “I am going there”.
I have confidence.
I created in front of people in my bare feet, on the ground, fingers smeared in paint.
I was my myself, with one foot in this world and one in the next.

Art Battle 77 – Peterborough
Thursday, November 21, 7:30PM
The Venue, 286 George St North, Peterborough
Tickets $15 / Students and Limited Advance $10

On Thursday, November 21 I was invited to participate in an incredible event called Art Battle.
12 artists will be coming together at The Venue (in downtown Peterborough) to create in a flurry of emotion. We will each be given 20 minutes, a canvas and a palette of paint. We will be allowed to use our own brushes, these will be our only resources.
There will be two rounds, six artists being in each one. The top two from each group will then move on to the third and final round to determine the winner.
The best part is the audience will be voting to see who they wish to see go on to the next round.

This will be an exciting event, one Im more focused on getting over my stage fright of painting in front of people
Its always good to challenge ones self and experience new adventures!

For more information on Art Battle, check out their website here.

Featuring new works by mixed-media artist Brianna Gosselin and creative wanderer Kris Sieber, DREAMEREALIST explores the point at which dreams and reality meet, or perhaps from which they diverge. Discover how each artist perceives our world, the tapestry of the seen and unseen, and wrestles with the timeless question, “Is this all there is?”

Join us on Friday November 8 at 7pm for the opening reception at Gallery in the Attic.


This past year has been a never ending roller coaster.

There have been many life changes, some planned…well others were not.

Its odd to think how it hasn’t quite been a year yet since my life took a step in the opposite direction then where it was going.
I’m hungry and yearning for change yet again, but these changes will take time, growth and patience.
In the mean time I am taking  positive steps in the desired direction I wish to go.
One of these steps include signing up for a Visual Quest.

Each year I make it my goal to expand my mind and sign up for a course in the arts world.
This year I will be embarking on a Visual Quest with Pixie Campbell.
(The name alone is enough to intrigue me ;) )
This looks to be an amazing course, exploring various art techniques and Shamanism. Something, in which I have been fascinated by for quite some time.

I have always seen the world differently, but I have never been able to accept what it is I’m seeing. At a young age I always worried things were wrong, asking myself if I was the only one able to see the world I do.
I have spent my entire life with a foot in each world, struggling to remain “normal” and hide who I am.
Even with my current mate I fear showing who I am.

I know this course will not solve all my fears or do the work for me. However, I do know this will help me take another step in my journey. To begin expressing and sharing who I really am.
To finally be honest and not hide.

More information on this Visual Quest by Pixie Campbell, can be found here.


Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.

Bruce Lee


The ability to grow as human beings and as an individual is extremely important.
We grow from small, vulnerable babies to be the children, teenagers, young and older adults we are today.
We all grow. The problem is when we stop.
If we do not grow, we cease to truly live…we are merely existing.

How Do We Grow.

We grow by trying new things; sights, sounds, tastes, experiences, and roles in life. I believe everything that happens in our life’s leaves us with an opportunity to grow and learn from. Even experiences that may not be as pleasant as others. Now, I know people will argue saying how could a death of a loved one or a horrible accident give you an opportunity to grow? Being an optimist (not by choice, it seems to run through my veins. No matter how much I fight it, it will always be there), I always can see the negative and positive. When it comes to losing a love one…Positively I think about the beautiful life they have lived, the impact and influence they have made on those around them in this life. How they have shaped the world to be what it is. Everyone in this world makes an impact. Some small, some large. We all influence one another, rather we realize it or not.
I mentioned in Sunday’s post “From One Place to the Next” I would give a little more background information into the painting posted.

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Venturing Into a New World.

Originally when I started this painting two or three years ago, I set out splattering the paint onto the canvas in my usual fashion. Splashes of water flying everywhere, paint drips on the wall and some making it on to the canvas. I have and without a doubt probably will always be a messy painter.

With every painting I complete, the first layer is always one done in the heat of passion, a fit of anger, surge of happiness…basically an overwhelming load of emotions.
During this painting I was in the middle of an unsolved dispute with my then Fiancé. The details are irrelevant and I will not share to spare you from boredom.
The gist of it is I was 22 at the time. I just quit being a hair stylist and was venturing out into the world of art to make it my career. I still hadn’t figured out who I was or if I was on the right path (something I’m sure everyone struggles with at various points in their life).  Nothing is more terrifying then breaking away from the normal 9-5 routine and knowing a pay check will always be on its way. Especially the pressure of rather or not you will succeed, let alone make a dime. I was still living at home during this point, I had my own bills to take care of and helped out with some expenses around the house. Not a whole lot of pressure to make rent, but enough to try and reassure my parents that I would be able to collect enough money from gambling with to move out shortly. So as you can see, I wasn’t too stable with my own identity or knowing where my life was going at all.

Now this man, my fiancé, he was my best friend. The kind of friend you can share everything with, you may be teased endlessly for such and poked fun at though, but you could still share.  We shared a love for music, concerts, all things Asian. We would stay up all night playing Pokemon Puzzle League, watching Bruce Lee movies followed by my cheesy vampire shows.
Even though we were best friends and everything seemed good, there was always something missing …the emptiness I felt since I was a small child still existed. I had assumed being in such a committed relationship, that the emptiness was to subdue. It never did. I wasn’t expecting some knight to come along and save me from all my inner turmoil (maybe I did have a fantasy of a knight), but I never expected someone to save me from the emptiness I felt.
This feeling was a strong one. It was the feeling of knowing I was never truly going to be with anyone or ever meet my so called soul mate.  I have often debated countless times in my mind on the true definition of what a soul mate is. To make it simple, a soul mate is someone I can feel safe lying next to at night. When I tell them something personal and intimate, they will not ridicule me. We will have respect for one another. That I won’t constantly feel they are a million miles away when they are right next to me. To have a secure love.

“Why spend your life looking for perfection in a mate? Afterall, when you look at yourself, are you perfect?”

I loved this man, I did. But I knew his time in my life would be short lived. That no matter how hard I would fight or work towards the relationship, he will never truly be there. He was only half present at all times. I wasn’t aware of what it truly felt to have someone be truly there at the time, but I knew it wasn’t this.

I worked on several layers of the painting during this time, and then I would put it away. I didn’t know how I could take the painting any further, or bring out what I saw within the brush strokes.
Every few months, I would take this piece and stare at it. I actually grew quite fond of the unfinished painting and could clearly see something different then what everyone else did.
I would see a figure looking up, hand outreached towards a bird soaring nearby in the sky. Two different worlds were melting, blending into one another. I asked those around me what they thought. The responses were always the same. “Show me when you’re done.”
Back to the corner, behind other canvases,  the painting went.

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Time Moves On.

Time went on and my life went in many directions, I was teaching at the art school quite heavily. My focus on painting as an artist came and went quite often, I had zero confidence that I would ever be able to pursue a career as one. I had moved out of my parents’ home and into an apartment with my fiancé. I went back to school and was enrolled in the early childhood development program. Both transitions happened within the same week. My first week of school was the same time I had moved out and was ready to start a life with a man and not look back. Those who know me, know change is something that is difficult for myself to adapt to. I either need to dive in head first or not at all, while being hesitant the entire time. However, I always crave big changes. It’s confusing, I know.

I also am one who cannot handle organized education. High school was a nightmare at times for me. I found it completely boring and useless, thankfully the art courses got me through. But that’s another story.
I lived with my fiancé for a year,  then life decided to take me down a different path, one away from my then fiancé. I moved back home and dived heavily into the world of art once more. I took on a stronger role at the Art School I was working at. Applying to be on the board of directors then becoming chair of the marketing committee. I felt a great surge of freedom and energy, I felt as if I was able to see the person I have been hiding for quite some time. Hibernating until I knew it was time to be who I was meant to be.
I became more outgoing and have met many wonderful people both in person and online through facebook, instagram and twitter. The twitter community alone is such a positive, inspiring one.
Ironically, that is how I met the man I am with now. I first started following him on Twitter through a local artist I always admired, and then we started with Instagram and Facebook.
We commented on each other’s lives, photos we would post. He is a talented Designer, a fellow food lover and one who also shares a passion for the arts. One of the earliest comments I can remember him saying is how I was covered in paint.
When I paint, I am literally covered in it. I get right into the mediums I’m working with; I become part of the painting. I enjoy the process and wish to pour myself into the work, then to see the evidence on my hands makes me feel truly happy. The way I naturally should look, to have painted skin.


He helped me that summer, when things were going bad with my fiancé. How I was conflicted on where life was going and rather I was to stay in the relationship I was in or not. He sent me a DM offering help and insight if needed.
A few weeks had passed and after many restless nights spent fighting I had moved back home, like I mentioned earlier.
The Designer sent me a message to follow up and see how I was doing (he had seen one of my posts with boxes in my new/old room). At the time I was very scattered and never knew he had even messaged me.
We continued to comment once in a while on each other’s posts, then one day I noticed a DM show up on my screen. I checked the message and it turns out the Designer was asking me out for a drink/coffee/tea or something. I couldn’t help but smile.

—–Now it seems I’m getting caught up in explaining how my Designer and I got together and off track from explaining the painting. If you have read this far, I am touched and a little shocked. Ill try to steer this back on track, the point is I was beginning to be happy.—-

The designer and I went on a few dates, I still remember the first time he came through the door to pick me up. He was wearing his black jacket and his presence was incredibly strong. His eyes were beautiful, I won’t even begin to explain how powerful his eyes are, especially when he wants them to be.
Eight months went by of us dating, sharing each other’s lives and going on adventures together. I grew out of my limited comfort zone with him; I no longer had anxiety about travelling. I actually had let go of a lot of my anxieties and fears.
The worlds that have opened up while going through life so far with this man are incredibly. I may struggle from time to time with who I am and know I am so very close to finally being such. I can feel the sensation down to the very tips of my fingers. This man challenges me in so many ways, the way he lives his life gives me inspiration. That if you want to succeed in doing something, you can do it. You work endlessly to fulfill your dreams and not let anyone put you down. If it’s something you believe in, then you fight for it.
He is one of the strongest people I have met thus far in my life.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
Khalil Gibran

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Untitled 1, Acrylic, 2013

I’ve Made It.

Needless to say, I fell quicker than I would have expected for him. I do my best to try and pace myself, but at times it is quite difficult to do. I found my warmth, my sun.

The painting below  was worked on in between layers drying of “From One Place to the Next” and completed directly after.
Unlike the first one, the lines aren’t so controlled. I was struggling for control and to try to keep everything in place with “From One Place to the Next”. With this one, it represents my life.
I’ve made it.
I am happy.

We spend our entire lives evolving and discovering who we are as individuals. At least, I’d like to think we are always evolving and growing into the person we are destined to be.

To sit down and try to write a short biography has always been tedious for myself, as for most others I can imagine.
Words never express how I truly feel, or can accurately describe everything going on inside of myself. I mean, how can a paragraph or two capture everything you have experienced since the day you came into this world. To give someone a clear concept of who you are as an individual?
There are some people in this world who have such a powerful way with words. Creative souls who can take simple letters from the alphabet and create an entire realm. Where faeries dance in circles, as fireflies illuminate the darkest of nights and where dragons soar above the barren lands, looking for a princess hidden high in her tower. These people I am eternally grateful for, they have a talent I truly appreciate and at times, secretly envy. Now, if only they would write a biography for me. One in which I could copy and paste whenever needed.
Until that day comes, I believe I’m on my own to do such.


My name is Brianna Gosselin. I am a 25-year-old creative soul who is always yearning to explore. I am currently living in a small city near Toronto. The beauty of where I live is surreal; there are many trees, the downtown is a beautiful haven (full of cozy cafes, used book stores, a local art shop, wonderful creative outlets), the community is positive and embracing and…did I mention trees? Within minutes you can be on the outskirts of town and surrounded by wildlife. Although, you don’t even have to leave town to do such. There is a wonderful, large area of woods a few blocks from my parents place (what I consider a sanctuary). Trails go on forever, trees, creeks and wildlife are everywhere. It is the perfect place to become lost in, especially if you have a cute cocker spaniel and a sweet gentleman by your side.
To say I am a lover of trees is an understatement.
Do you ever hear of those people who walk away from the everyday chaos, they go backpacking, pack everything up in a Winnebago, build a magnificent home in the trees? That’s me…well what I dream of doing anyways. I’m a care free spirit that would love to throw the concept of money, and clocks out the window. Although at the same time, I crave structure and discipline. One extreme from another…never makes for a dull moment in my life. To achieve a balanced lifestyle of the two is my ultimate goal and one I’m still struggling with.
One day I hope to have a small home in either East City or close to downtown. A home big enough to hold my family and I, nothing more than what is needed. I always find it strange when people have two living rooms. One for formal entertaining and one for relaxing, The same goes for dinning rooms. I under stand their beliefs behind such, but truly find it bizarre. Why not take one of those rooms and turn it into something you feel passionate about? A room for gardening, quilting, art, woodworking, library, playroom….something that you would love and enjoy. Not something for show or to impress others, but for YOU. And if entertaining in two different dinning rooms or living rooms is your thing, then by all means go for it. customize them to what you like and by no one else’s standards.
A small home in East City or the Avenues here in town, with hopefully a large yard. A space to have a beautiful vegetable/fruit garden, complete with herbs and an apple tree. A small fish pond would be an added bonus. I would care for the gardens all summer long, enjoying what they have to offer and cooking with care. Once fall comes, I would begin pickling and working on preserving the vegetables and fruit for the pantry. A pantry filled with preserves, pickings, grains and real food. None of this by-product stuff. I can’t believe there is even such a thing as food by products. Let alone packaging advertises “made with real fruit”, why should it ever be made with something besides such?
To have a solid foundation for home but with he freedom to produce the quality food I believe in is the balance of structure needed in my life, to have the family I wish for. The free spirit in me will make a living from creating art and sharing with the world what I truly see. To teach art in a creative way, to show others how to paint with their spirits. Introduce healing gifts the world of creativity offers.
To work with others and lead art retreats, where you create, heal, explore who you are, how to care for yourself, see what’s around you in a new light, to nourish both your body and soul.
My home will be a safe place for all those who visit. Friends, family, and those of all different types will gather for laughs, talks, food, drinks, art and more.
Those are some things I dream of in the future…as for who I am now in my life…


I am an artist.


I am a health conscious person when it comes to food. I enjoy to bake and cook, both which I am making time to do more of. I am opening up more to being physically active and hope to continue with the determination of such.

ImageI am an explorer of nature.

I am a person who is heavily influenced to what is around me. I have many things that inspire me, motivate me, allow me to be creative. Family, friends, parents, beings, experiences, and emotions make me who I am and what I create.

I am an art instructor. I teach art to youth at the Art School of Peterborough and hope to be exploring more of this world.